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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wipro Benchmark Report: EMC Captiva vs. the Competition

Wipro conducted a blind test of the EMC Captiva enterprise capture solution and that of a leading competitor. This Wipro Benchmark Report summarizes the results, showing how Captiva ranks higher in 4 of 5 categories. The objective of the benchmark was to assess and compare the ability of each capture solution to meet the requirements of today’s business and IT environments. Captiva and the competitive software suite were each installed and deployed on the same hardware in an identical environment and were given identical batches of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents for processing. Both solutions were then carefully evaluated on the basis of overall performance, manageability, usability, scalability and modularity.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Capgemini + EMC Webcast

Hear how Capgemini bridges the ECM-SharePoint Gap with EMC.

EMC Highlighted in August Directions on Microsoft

EMC highlighted in August Directions on MS SharePoint 2010 Evaluation Guide.

Slow Adoption of SharePoint 2010

Read why there is a slow adoption of SharePoint 2010.

New White Paper on Capture for SharePoint

Checkout this new white paper from Harvey Spencer Associates on Capture for SharePoint 2010.

Why We Need to Make Cloud Computing Easy to Use - Mark Lewis, EMC

Mark Lewis, chief strategy officer at EMC IIG, talks about a technology free cloud.

AIIM Webcast: What You Should Know Before Investing in Document Capture

Join Harvey Spencer address trends in mailroom automation, SharePoint, streamlining business processes, and more.

EMC Captiva - A New Look to its Website Pages

Take a look at the new and refreshed website pages for EMC Captiva!

Case Study – TNT Business Services

See how TNT Business Services was able to offer new services to win more business!

What you should be doing differently with your Capture Strategy

Checkout what you should be doing differently with your Capture Strategy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leverage your SharePoint 2010 Investment with EMC

Learn how to extend, leverage, & drive maximum ROI from your SharePoint 2010 investment with EMC.

EMC Captiva for SharePoint on YouTube

Checkout this short video on EMC Captiva for SharePoint on YouTube!

EMC Captiva Intelligent Enterprise Capture and SharePoint Web Pages

See how to store & organize content in one central location with EMC Captiva for SharePoint.

New EMC Perspective Paper: What to Consider Before Investing in Enterprise Capture

What is intelligent enterprise capture? Get the answers, plus tips before buying a document capture solution.

Recorded Webcast: Curing the Pain of Paper in Financial Services

Use intelligent capture to accelerate response times, cut costs, and take customer service to a higher level.

ESG: The Strategic Value of Capture

ESG explores the latest ways document capture is being applied to solve business problems across the organization.

Captiva and Business Process Outsourcing

An overview of the Captiva solutions and how it translates to the business process outsourcing (BPO) environment.