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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EMC Captiva for SharePoint Demo

Hear the skinny on EMC Captiva for SharePoint Demo.

Leverage your SharePoint 2010 Investment with EMC

Learn how to extend, leverage, & drive maximum ROI from your SharePoint 2010 investment with EMC.

Captiva InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer Demo

Checkout this EMC Captiva InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer Demo.

Webcast with Leading Analyst: Transform Paper into Immediate Business Advantage

How do organizations use document capture to boost business efficiency? Get the skinny from Brian Babineau of ESG.

Capture … Where do You Stand?

Bill Galusha, EMC discusses different use cases of document capture and techniques that deliver significant value.

Using PixNode in EMC Captiva ISIS PixTools

Checkout this detailed discussion of using PixNodes in EMC Captiva ISIS PixTools!

Which document capture product is right for me?

A product comparison list that will help you decide which EMC Captiva document capture is right for your business!